Vikas Khanna

Michelin Star Chef, Author, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur

An Indian culinary legend, celebrity chef Vikas Khanna is a pioneer in the world of food, film, and art. With a résumé that includes a Michelin star-winning restaurant, being a judge on MasterChef India and cooking for the Obamas, the Dalai Lama, and Narendra Modi, Khanna has emerged, arguably, as India’s food ambassador to the world.  His humble beginnings have proved to be the stepping stones of his success in the food and beverage industry, encouraging him to spread his wings, and dabble into the world of film and writing as well. His recently launched restaurant Kinara (Dubai) has redefined Indian Food. 


He has an interesting take on food and believes that the unselfish desire to share food is the strongest point of Indian food. He's here at Babson to talk about his journey and share his insights about what the future trends in the Indian food industry would look like.