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Ankur Warikoo 

Co-Founder, nearbuy.com
Ex-CEO, Groupon India

Ankur Warikoo is a man of many talents. He's an entrepreneur, angel investor, public speaker and the Co-Founder and former CEO of nearbuy.com, a hyper local e-commerce company based in India which helps shoppers to discover and buy from merchants near them. He has also previously served as the CEO of Groupon in India where he setup Groupon's India practice. He also co-founded Accentium Web which owns and operates several websites in the India consumer space. As you may have noticed, the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep within him and he's going to share how he made it all happen!


Apart from his entrepreneurial adventures, he's also written a 'Failure Resume' in which he has listed his failings. It was brave of him to put this out in public and served to highlight his determination to triumph against all odds.