Ankit Mehta

Co-Founder & CEO, ideaForge

Ankit Mehta is a co-founder and CEO at ideaForge. Ankit completed his B.Tech and M.Tech (Dual Degree, Specialization: Computer Aided Design and Automation) in 2005, from IIT-Bombay. An innovator at heart, he loves to solve problems and believes in implementing the right solution, no matter the origin.

Ankit co-founded ideaForge in 2007,  India’s largest manufacturer of drones for defense, homeland security, and industrial applications. ideaForge is a pioneer in research, development, production and operation of compact, cost effective and user friendly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in India. He is an example of the Babson philosophy in action, as ideaForge is not only a successful business but also focuses on sustainable technology. His organization has multiple IPs to its credit, including the then world’s lightest autopilot in 2009. Ankit has won a lot of awards for himself and the organization, one of them being the Marico Innovation Foundation Award and Best Product Design Company by IESA.